The Human Component

Owned by Berkshire Hathaway, TTI is an electronics distributor with the widest range of products, serving vertical industries globally.  A brand audit revealed a point of constriction: in a category where all competitors tout their inventory, TTI is consistently recognized for their end-to-end customer experience but wasn’t including that fact in their messaging. This campaign highlighted the brand’s potential to be a smart, driven partner invested in each customer’s business.

Liberation Idea: We Overthink For You

Portrait Generator

TTI may stock more electronic components than anyone in the world, but they had a proven track record for offering their customers something just as valuable: the human component. To reinforce the idea that personal service matters, this interactive app allows customers to upload their own photo and generate a portrait made entirely of components.

On LinkedIn, we launched a Think TTI social sweepstakes and equipped their sales team to be social sellers. Over 200 TTI Specialists posting on the platform helped to increase mentions of the brand on LinkedIn by 4x. With our collective efforts, we grew TTI’s LinkedIn following by 65% in a year and increased average LinkedIn page engagement 3.5x.

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