Mouser & Grant Imahara

To help Mouser inspire its electrical engineer audience, we partnered with celebrity roboticist, Grant Imahara of Mythbuster's fame. Right away we saw the potential leveraging his tech expertise for something more than a typical thirty second TV spot.

We first launched the Empowering Innovation Together content series with Grant at the helm, traveling the world and engaging experts on the hottest tech topics. Over the course of 5 years, we built an innovation lab complete with lasers, 3-D printed and field tested a self-driving car, visited a fully robotic hotel in Japan and plenty more.


Overall, the digitally driven content series received 6.2M+ full video views and Mouser's brand interest saw a 27% lift. Our Grant series also garnered over $9M in earned media and was regularly featured in premiere tech publications such as Fast Company, Wired, Popular Science, and Gizmodo.