Let’s Texas

After 30 years with the same logo and tagline, we gave the brand a new identity, complete with the tagline, “Let’s Texas,” warmly welcoming travelers to experience all the state has to offer.

We also helped the brand move away from relying on traditional media, and rolled out the new campaign across connected TV, geo-targeted mobile, hyper-focused paid social, and more.

Liberation Idea: An Invitation to Texas-sized Moments

Let’s get to know each other better

We challenged Texas stereotypes and extended our welcoming tone with geo-targeted messaging that invited individual states to get to know us better.

Pinterest is the #1 brand for “makes me feel inspired,” so naturally it was the perfect platform to inspire new trips to Texas, but the trick was standing out from the sea of pins.

In our first year with Travel Texas, their budget was two-thirds of the year before. Through innovative planning and buying, we were able to reach the same 1.3 billion impression goal, decrease the CPM by 60%, and increase ROAS 35%, generating millions in tax revenue for the state.