Our partnership with Subway® restaurants began in 2005, before we were even called Proof. While we may not be the creative or media AOR, we are the special projects-community activations-do the impossible agency of record. We’ve done everything from manage $70+ million in local media to executing sports sponsorships and launching the Subway app. Our “do anything” mentality has freed the brand from long lead times and offered the agility of a nimbler company.

Liberation Idea: Special Projects Require Special Teams

To promote Subway’s high protein sub line, we invited high school football players to submit videos and winners were selected by Marshawn Lynch and Keenan Allen. Winners received a virtual meet-and-greet, catered Subway lunch and a $1500 college scholarship. The Pro Teen Awards highlighted Subway’s high protein sub line and celebrated exceptional high school football players who had their seasons cut short due to the pandemic.

52 million

180 million

positive sentiment

Our primary role with Subway is to handle creative and media duties for marketwide promotions and new product tests, lead the activation of the NFL sponsorship at the local grassroots level, and take on a variety of other special media and creative assignments. Our retail experience, partnership and tenure with the Subway brand is unrivaled in the agency world.